SANGDRAGON - Requiem For Apocalypse (2015)


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ayric Parce que c'est un des plus gros album de metal français, et international du moment ! Favorite track: Father Of All Kings.
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H.L. To discover this outstanding dark symphony was an incredibly big surprise. I know the 20 years old parts of the trilogy, but they never had an impact on me. But SANGDRAGON? It's like a rocket launch of quality! They combine ALL kinds of dark metal, from gothic to black to death with an orchestral atmosphere, without ever losing the central theme. What a comeback! Hopefully, we don't have to wait again a double-decade! Check it out, if you listen to stuff like Hollenthon, Mayan or Dark Lunacy. Favorite track: Front Of Steel.
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2012, année de la présumée Apocalypse prédite par les écrits…
Vincent réactive son projet sous le nom de SANGDRAGON. Le 3ème opus de la trilogie, produit par Sangdragon et Stéphane Buriez (Loudblast), sort sous le nom de Requiem For Apocalypse en mai 2015, chez Wake Up Dead Records / Season Of Mist.
Cette fois-ci, Vincent s’est entouré de musiciens et amis talentueux (dont l’excellent guitariste Matthieu Asselberghs, du groupe NIGHTMARE) pour délivrer une véritable symphonie épique et occulte, sur fond de riffs metal puissants et ravageurs.

Qu’est-ce que l’Acier comparé à la main de celui qui l’a forgé ?


released May 9, 2015

Line Up :
- Vincent URBAIN aka Lord V. Akhenaton (DAEMONIUM, AKHENATON, ex-WINDS OF SIRIUS, ex-THE SEVEN GATES) : Vocals, arrangements, main composer, medieval instruments.
- Edouard VERNERET (ARCHITEKT) : Keyboards, arrangements, choirs.
- Matthieu ASSELBERGHS (NIGHTMARE, ARCHITEKT) : Lead and rythm guitars.
- Will HIEN (ex-SCARVENGER) : bass, choirs, backing vocals.
- Régis COGNARD (ex-THE SEVEN GATES) : drums.
- Alison FOREST (OWL COLLISION) : female singer, choirs.

Additional musicians / artists (live) : Olivier Casula (drums) ; Alice Mouchetant (female singer) + Nelly Meyer + Joël Rebouta + Régis Cognard (choirs) ; Thibault Voituret (Dance of fire).

Artwork & Design : Krantal Infographist -

Produced by SANGDRAGON & Stéphane Buriez (Loudblast)
Recorded and mixed by Edouard Verneret & Vincent Urbain.
Mastered by Sage Audio (Nashville - USA... album version).
Label : Wake Up Dead Records.
Distribution (France) : Season Of Mist.



all rights reserved



Pioneers of epic, occult & symphonic Black Metal...
SANGDRAGON is the 3rd part of the trilogy created in early '90's by Lord V. Akhenaton.
- 1994 : DAEMONIUM : Opera Of The Ancient War Spirit / 12.000 copies.
- 1995 : AKHENATON : Divine Symphonies / 25 000 copies.
- 2012, back under the name of SANGDRAGON. The album Requiem For Apocalypse will be released in May 2015.
First shows in 2014.
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Track Name: Waterborn (Intro)
Act I. Waterborn

Ritual Of The Water: The Sun is at its zenith, the Moon at its nadir. After crossing the Psychic (Daemonium) and Astral (Akhenaton) sides, including the Seven Hells, Serphanim must regain the control of the Physical side. It’ll be the outcome of his evolution because all the sides (macrocosm and microcosm) will be harmonized, so it is a rebirth for him. Meanwhile, it’s in the world that time has the greatest influence; the road will be long... and bloody!

Choirs :
Sanctus, Dominus, Corpus, Dominus
Sanctus, Aeternus, Spiritus, Dominus
Corpus Sanctus Dominus
Ishtar Aeternus
Spiritus Dominus
Track Name: Front Of Steel
Act II. Front Of Steel

Through his envious reputation in battle (his victories could no longer be counted), he was appointed Herald of the people, to guide them along the road of truth. The task was tedious, all the more since certain lieutenants envied his position, which was too close to the Gods, to their taste. At the time of the reconquest of the elementary bastions, some fell, others fled, but he started to doubt himself, having been wounded during the Battle of the Five Cardinals. His back seemed covered and even though he didn’t see the blade coming, the wound was real. It could only come from the inside of his defences. He collapsed...
“All Citadel will fail, Death or Glory prevails”

Tuus custos excelsium… Sustentacionem
Coer spiritus vester… Circumspice
Non sentis avertit… Faciem caeli
Tamquam raptor… Ocurrit
Mandata nostri

Tuus custos excelsium… Sustentacionem
Coer spiritus vester… Circumspice
Non sentis avertit… Faciem caeli
Tamquam raptor… Ocurrit
Ave (x8)

Rabidus, excruciato, dominatus, perterebro (x4)

Female solo (3’31)
Este excissatus
Olde lam sol domine
Este excissatus
Iera, solve, solveeeee.... (solo Matt)

Rabidus, excruciato, dominatus, perterebro (x2)
Track Name: Deep Dark... Descent
Act III. Scene I - Deep Dark...

Choirs :
Donec ! Descendens ! Ad Inferos !

Pain is the fruit of our existence.
Growing on the tree of fate.
Inhabited by a worm which eats soul and flesh.

Such a wound which will never close,
It oozes man’s hate and mediocrity.
Instigated by an eternal fire the brand of which is death.

Forgive me, darkness submerges me while the anger rises.
No matter the consequences, it is better to die than to disappear.

Choirs :
Donec ! Descendens ! Ad Inferos !

Pray, if you believe that your gods still hear you.
If you think that they have nothing else to do.
However raise your head so that they consider you, and give you a hand.
Lonesome and silent you will cross this ice-cold desert.
Whipped by torment and an eternal wind of death.

Frozen pain. I lock a prison without shining.
Where is your god now?... While I sink in silence.

Choirs :
Salve ! Estanda !
Heru ! Liaaa…
Salve, Salve, Salve salve salve salve

I have to release myself from these chains which hinder me.
I suffocate, I have to get back to the surface.
Find these feelings which make me a man and thus a God.
The way of the warrior is not to stumble, but to get up every time.
But this time this I will not succeed on my own...

Scene II : ...Descent.
Track Name: Father Of All Kings
Act IV. Father Of All Kings

Limbo was finally illuminated, a ray of light through the dark showed the way to this tremendous mountain surrounded in mist, so steep that only Gods could live there. A long trek then commenced, even though the cold and the rain, stinging his skin, were holding him up and slowing him down. He had no other choice but to soldier on chanting... or to slip off the edge of this hostile rockface and shatter his skull. “The way of the warrior is not to stumble, but to get up every time”. Exhausted by the steep climb, what he discovered at the top was a treasure even brighter than all the diamonds he ever stole in his childhood : hewas no longer alone!

Choirs :

Female solo (2’42)
As the mountains cross the sea
Wind and sand make only one
The guards of the cross take control
And engrave your feelings in stone
Engrave your feelings into the stone
Here you can put down your crown
Engrave your feelings in the stone
And the father of kings won’t be on his own

Reaching the top of these mountains,
Lord of a Clan you’ve never seen,
Years have exhausted the poured sand
Never shall return without havin’ become a Man !
Track Name: Rotten Inside
Act V. Rotten Inside

The road now was clear and made sense. He had to understand and accept his limits whilst controlling the rest of the elements: tame or kill the Spirit-Dragon (Equilibrium Gigantic Orichalq), and get rid of any intruders who may cross his path, even among his so-said allies. He had to find and destroy them.
Track Name: Back To Dust
Act VI. Back To Dust

Ritual Of The Earth: To rise from his ashes, to gather his forces and welcome them to his table, and rediscover the ancient knowledge to forge the sword.
Track Name: The Silent Plague
Act VII. The Silent Plague

Finally, it was mankind who was corrupted by the Spirit-Dragon, man is not capable of taming it and each of them carries the Dragon emblem on his standard. Silence is a weapon that makes people doubt, or worst, fear. On the other hand, its control allows to redefine the energy and to find the monster’s lair. So, here is a new element opposite to the Verb, but that has its own importance. Free will is the choice of the Verb’s consequences. Freedom is a victory that you have to fight for. Alea Jacta Est.

Choirs :
Oh ! Solve ! Oh !

Oh ! Solve ! Oh !

Estan libertable no sataani
Estan libertable no sataani
Eran no se quam nova be sataani
Sataani, sataani, sataani,
Sataani, sataani, sataani

Oh ! Solve ! Oh !
Track Name: Krakenfyr
Act VIII. Krakenfyr

Ritual Of The Fire : Forging the Sword.
Scene I : After finding the dwarves’ ancient and blazing forges, he started to hammer the steel.
Scene II : The Sword is the symbol of the air which balances out all the other elements.Once mastered, it’ll become his Arm, his Heart, his Blood, his Verb.
Scene III : Battle between the Spirit-Dragon and its corrupted human allies. Nothing must remain.

Choirs :
(3’36 )
Ilken, tarrien, tarrien, Ilken ! (6 x)
Track Name: Thy Foe's Funeral
Act IX. Thy Foe’s Funeral

Apocalypse: Even though the Spirit-Dragon was slaughtered, its blood flooded the ground, feeding the earth with its vital essence and making it fertile. Part of the viscous liquid remained in a pool and gave birth to one hundred eggs ; so much its energy was a source of life. Sword was shattered. It was no easy to show mercy and not to destroy these serpents of the Earth, but Serphanim knew the analogy of opposites : there is no Shadow without Light. He let them live, became aware that the Spirit-Dragon was not corrupted, but it was mankind who used its power ill-advisedly. He will let them continue while protecting his own from their anger.

Choirs :
Hera, Heru
Thot Lam sam enigmatus
Heru, Imperat, Hex !
Hera, Heru
Thot Lam sam enigmatus
Heru, Imperat, Hex !
Heru, Imperat, Hex !
Heru, Imperat, Imperat.... Aaaahhhh !
Track Name: Winged Blade
Act X. Winged Blade

Ritual Of The Air : Quest of the Lady Of The Lake and mastering the Sword.
Covered with wounds, he walked for hours, his feet oozing blood. Who really was his own ? Who to count on ? Where was his place ? Wasn’t it a mistake to let the serpents live ? It was the Elves who showed him the way to the lake surrounded by megaliths. The Lady appeared in the middle of the water, sword in hand ; it was probably forged again by some Elven knowledge. Giving it to Serphanim, he understood that the lady of the lake and the sword were inseparable, and maybe were one. To master the winged blade, he had to open his heart, and only the balance between the three sides and the elements would continue to exist in time. This way, the World could collapse and sink into doom and oblivion. Manking would survive whatever the outcome...

Choirs :
Domine ! Fatalis ! Domina ! Excidium !